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The province has some areas that for their natural and anthropological value have been placed under protection by Marche Region and the State. These lands have always seen the presence of man that has in part contributed to transform them with his work but, at the same time, they have always maintained their peculiar characteristics from a naturalistic point of view. Through the establishment of parks and reserves, in these areas plants, animals and environment are safeguarded and it is given value to local traditions, history, architecture as well as to food and wine. Foreseeing therefore a social and economic development in full respect for the territory , these places will not lose their identity and will not risk being abandoned.

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The Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve was established in 1984 to safeguard the lands surrounding the Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1142.
This complex is completely open to visitors and it is very important for the study of medieval monasticism history because well preserved and still active thanks to the presence of some monks.
The area of about 1800 ha. is now owned by the Foundation Giustiniani Bandini and it has an intact countryside in which one can still find traces of the work of the monks with large cultivated areas and many farmhouses most of which still inhabited by the farmers who work respecting the traditions of the past.
Particularly interesting is “La Selva” that covers about 100 hectares. It is a remnant of a much larger ancient woodland and its rich vegetation houses, among others, the deer, symbol of the Nature Reserve.
Other suggestive landscapes are the Fiastra river and “Le Vene” lake. Different routes are possible all of them easily accessible.
Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve has all the services to welcome the guests: Information Office, nature paths, horse and biking trails, a sensory path for disabilities, bar, restaurants, a hotel, bed and breakfast, a pizzeria, points of sale of local products and monks’ artefacts, , a picnic and van area, toilets.
Torricchio Mountain Nature Reserve includes 317 hectares of land between the towns of Pieve Torina and Campocavallo, ranging from 800 to 1500 meters. It was the first protected area in Marche, founded in 1977 following the beneficial action of the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, who gave his estate in Mountain Torricchio to the University of Camerino. Although not very large, the Reserve has a remarkable botanical biodiversity with a great number of species of plant counted.
This reserve is now under scientific observation of the department of botany of the University of Camerino which regularly publishes the results of researches carried out on the flora, fauna and geology of the place. You can enter inside the reserve only for purposes of study, research and teaching, with the permission of the Office manager.
The National Park of Sibillini Mountains, established in 1993, includes the Sibillini mountains, whose highest peak is Mount Vettore with its 2476 meters and the surrounding area that spreads across the Province of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and those of Perugia and Terni in Umbria.
There you will find approximately 1800 species of flora, 50 species of mammals and 150 of birds.
No less important are the old towns, fortresses, castles, abbeys and churches of the area. There are many legends related to the kingdom of the Sibilla, from which the mountains are named, and to mysterious places of the Park as the Pilato lake.
The park tries to protect the naturalistic, cultural and historical identity and, at the same time, to promote a responsible economical development compatible with the characteristics of the territory and its traditions.
The Houses of the Park located in the main towns of the park and the many Environmental Education Centres in the area are able to organize trips and excursions for visitors in the most picturesque sites of the mountains and high hills.
Moreover, a large number of scientific, archaeological and ethnographic museums allows you to discover all the aspects of different places. In this park you can then combine the enjoyment of the natural environment with the knowledge of the history and local culture and live a responsible and alternative tourism.

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Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve
Fiastra Abbey
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Information and visits:
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Fiastra Abbey
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Torricchio Mountain National Nature Reserve
Via Pontoni, 5
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National Park of Sibillini Mountains
Piazza del Forno, 1
62039 Visso
tel.0737 972711