etween the mountains and the sea you will find many of our most beautiful towns nestled in rolling hills. Our countryside, which has been shaped by farming over hundreds of years, colours wonderful geometric patterns offering the observer innumerable nuances depending upon the season of the year. Take a stroll around our timeless landscapes and paths crossing our hills! Still today you will get the same impression Michel de Montaigne had in the late 16th century, when he noticed “a thousand different hills … the most beautiful crops on Earth … the most pleasant valleys” where “not an inch of soil is useless” …

In search of new ideas? Here are some of our proposals ...


Piani di Apiro

The town of Apiro is nestled on a hill at the foot of Mt. San Vicino, between the valleys of the rivers Musone and Esino. Here visitors may hike to wonderful places, in particular to the nearby area called Piani di Apiro, an open plain covered with pine forests and offering views from the Sibillini Mountains to the sea.


Frontale is a hamlet located at the foot of Mt. San Vicino, 6 kms away from Apiro. Its fortified castle, dating to the early 11th century, was built on a hill southwest of the modern town. Even today the ruins of its walls can be seen among beeches and holm oaks.<br />Relics of St. Domenico Loricato (995-1060) are to be found in the parish church of St. Anna.<br />For over fifty years, a particular event takes place in this hamlet: during the Forty Hours Devotion (the days before the Ash Wednesday) a thousand candles are prepared on an altar to form a theme-based composition. In 2000, for instance, the International Logo for the Jubilee Year was represented.




Braccano means unspoiled natural environments, wild caves and gorges, but also an enchanting hamlet whose buildings have been decorated by artists with murals.



Colle dell’Infinito

One of the most enchanting places in Recanati, this 'solitary' hill is part of Leopardi's experience and metaphysical vision he narrates in the idyll <i>The Infinite</i>. Today it is a nice park with a breathtaking endless view.



San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo (526 masl) is a small hamlet located at the foot of Mt. Acuto with pine trees and picnic spots. It is the ideal location for hiking and biking. These are worth exploring: Grotta di Santa Sperandia (the cave where Santa Sperandia lived for many years) and Roccaccia (the ruins of a medieval tower).