ature reserves cover a large part of our territory: the National Park of Monti Sibillini, the Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve, the Montagna di Torricchio Nature Reserve, 6 state forests, 39 floristic areas and 6 wildlife oases (Mt. Fietone, the ponds of Porto Potenza Picena, Lake Polverina, San Vito Arcofiato, Lake Delle Grazie and Lake Castreccioni).

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Prati di Ragnolo

Prati di Ragnolo is a must to see for those who are keen on botany. They lie not far from the Fiastrone Gorge and are home to rare flora species (i. e. Yellow Gentian).



Polverina Oasis

This nature reserve has an area of about 241 hectares and stretches across 3 districts (Camerino, Fiastra and Pievebogliana). The aim of this oasis is to protect and safeguard the fauna on this reservoir, which was created after the river Chienti had been dammed. It includes the lake area, a stretch of the river and a large rural area, rich in fauna and historical heritage.
This oasis is notable for the presence of many bird species, in particular during the winter migration of grey heron, among them: great crested grebes, little egrets and great cormorants. During spring and autumn, it is a staging area for many species of protected birds and birds of prey.

San Vito Arcofiato Oasis

This protected area stretches across 526 hectares, within the district of Camerino, and the landscape it safeguards is typical of the Marche’s rolling hills where forests (mainly oaks, hornbeams and manna ashes) alternate to farmlands.
The fauna is rich and diverse as well with many species living in different habitats. Among the trees you may see some small mammals (squirrels, deer and elusive skunks) as well as birds (woodpeckers, titmice, thrushes, jays, kestrels, buzzard, hobbies, harrier, etc ...).


Castelsantangelo sul Nera

Ecocentro “Il Cervo”

This fauna centre was established to safeguard wild deer’s presence in the area. It has been 200 years since wild deer last lived on the Sibillini Mountains. Today, after having reintroduced these mammals in this area, this centre's main purpose is the conservation and well-being of deer.



Bosco Tassinete (yew woods)

Named for the presence of yews, the Macchia delle Tassinete offers many smooth hiking trails. While you take a stroll through this wood, you may see foxes, squirrels and dormice.


Potenza Picena

“Laghetti” nature area

This oasis and the neighbouring floristic area are the nature reserves located along the coastline. Their aim is the conservation of waterbirds, as well as the management and conservation of the area.