rom the mountains, or hills, to the coast, there are everywhere many lakes. Some of them are natural while others are reservoirs. Some of them have become wildlife oases dwelled by interesting species (i.e. Lake Polverina, Lake Castreccioni, Lake Delle Grazie or the ponds of Potenza Picena), others have become a hangout for locals and quite an usual destination for tourists who seek relax and outdoor activities, such as canoeing (i.e. Lake Fiastra and Lake Caccamo)

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Lake Castreccioni

This lake is just few miles from the centre of Cingoli. It is the largest reservoir in the Marche region and it offers bathing and sporting facilities.



Springs of the river Esino

Upstream the river Esino, close to its springs, there is a town of special scenic interest called Esanatoglia. From the surrounding cliffs, many people practice paragliding.



Fiastrone Gorges

Moving towards the Sibillini National Park, you will wonder in the spectacular gorges of the river Fiastrone. Here narrow paths lead through the gorge beneath, among beeches and ironwoods.
The steep walls of the gorge are constantly wet and create ideal conditions for the growth of mosses and ferns, including maidenhair and hart's tongue ferns. These cliffs are also the ideal habitat for many species of birds including common kestrels, peregrine falcons and crag martins.



Springs of the river Potenza

The small town of Fiuminata (from the Italian fiume) is surrounded by mountains and unspoiled nature. Among the most interesting places, the pools called degli Stoni and the floristic area of Mt. Pennino are definitely worth a hike to visit! The area surrounding Mt. Gemma is the ideal place to practice paragliding, thanks to the flying field located in the hamlet called Tre Pizzi.



“Li Vurgacci”

This is a nature route snaking through the gorge of Pioraco. This gorge has been carved from the landscape by the river Potenza over the centuries. Here you come across waterfalls, fountains, Roman ruins and the so-called 'monsters', carved into the rock. The panoramic spot called 'La Croce' offers spectacular views of this natural wonder.